I want to appologize for the long delay in  posts.  Life has been super busy. Working two jobs and holidays. I have barley had time to do laundry lol.  But no worries. I have not given up on blogging. I just have been super busy. Soon i will start bloging about some of my crazy shifts i  had when i worked my security job.  Some very wild and crazy things would happen thats for sure.  Stay tuned. I hope everyone had a super holiday season. 


Can we help. 

I read an article from one of our local news station, on their facebook page. The article was about a very young girl that took it upon herself to do something over and beyond anything any child should do or even think about.  This amazing young adult decided to make it her goal to help kids in her school with something that most people do not think about.  You see, this girl wanted to fight the hunger issue in her school. She wanted every one of her peers to have a holiday dinner.  There are many other details to the story. But no need to go into them for this blog.

After reading the article it made me think. I have spent many days in our childrens school and have met many amazing kids. All of wich are inoccent children. And never once did i wonder if they went hungry after they left school.  But now i do wonder just that.  Its very sad to think that any child would have to feel a pain like that. to wonder when they would eat next.  It tugs at the heart strings. We always hear about kids in other countrys that are starving. Dont get me wrong that is just as heart breaking but this is kids we see every day. 

As a kid we never had alot. But we always had food. I know what its like to go through strugle. This shows a struggle i could never imagine.  Some might blame the parents for being dirtbags, this could very well be the case some times. Pne must realize there are many other possobilitys as well. And no matter what, it is not the childs fault. They are innocent children.

I could go on and on, but after reading this and doing a lot of thinking I starting thinking of ways that myself and my family could help.  There are many food programs out there but they are usualy for a large community. And distributed among alot of different people. I wanted to do something that is more centralized. Something to help the kids close to my children.  Their friends, and our close naighbors.

I think getting children involved in giving to less fortunate is super important. My wife and I make sure our kids help as much as they can and give when they can. I believe that involving the entire school in helping the kids right by their sides, is going to have a huge impact, the connection of helping someone close to them. Someone they know. 

At this point I do not have a starting point or details planned out. But I am hopeing to maybe get some advice form you folks.  I want to set up a full holiday meal. For each and every child in the school  that would other wise not get one. And their familys. I will need to speak with administration at the school to see how to set something like this up. And how many children they know are going to bennifit from this.  Being so close to thanksgiving.  I am shooting for christmas at this point. I want these kids to eat a big meal with all the fixings. Feel free to chime in with any feed back. And share this.  Help me take the pain out of these kids for 1 day.  

Battle Complete? I think so

Great news our recent battle with our youngest going to school has become obsolete. If you read the previous blog you can see that we have had a battle of stubbornness to fight and also a great list of ideas to try. We got the list from the school councilor who came up with great things to try.  I can not pin point which idea worked.  It feels like it was a  combination of all ideas. All I can say is we are stoked.  We finally have our school loving peanut back.  She is again excited to get up and get to school.

Now you might be thinking to themselves, “this fix happened fast”  and I agree.  We did not expect such a fast fix. But it did and we are very happy with it. Only took about a week of keeping on her and trying our ideas. This will be something we must keep going with and communicating with the school about.

The process we are trying right now consists of a few different parts.  First is the sticker process.  When Brielle walks into school with no issues and no crying. She receives 1 sticker. If she is still doing good at lunch she gets a 2nd sticker. At the end of the day if she has had a good final part of the afternoon then she gets a 3rd. They give her a special job during the day, and for completing that task she receives her 4th and final sticker.  Of course the first thing she does after school is pull out her sticker card to show us how many she has gotten. She is so proud of her hard work.  4 every day since we started.  Amazing in my eyes.

The second thing we have been doing is writing notes for lunch time.  I have read articles about parents doing this. But we had not thought to do it ourselves until now.  We both write a little note to put in her lunch bag each day. These are for her to have read to her at lunch. These notes let her know that we are OK and thinking of her while she is at school.  We both usually draw a silly picture that makes her laugh as well.  Gives her a boost half way through the day.

The third idea we are trying is not as important as the others but will most likely be fazed out shortly. But non the less it has contributed to the final outcome. We actually do this for both kids.  After the kids have a good week we give them a small surprise at the end of the week. To reward them for doing amazing.

The free day idea is the fourth thing we are trying.  Basically they get to pick 1 day a month that they get to use as a “free day”. She circled the day she wants to have as a free day. after every day of school she crosses off that days number. If she has them all crossed off up to the “free day” then she gets to use that free day to stay home. her other options is she can go to school on her free day and get to pick something special instead.  So she gets rewarded for choosing to go to school on the free day instead of staying home.  She does look forward to crossing off her calendar, she has said just about each day that she is going go to school on her free day.  This is great to hear.

The final thing that we do for her is lunch time visits.  As long as she goes to school with no issues then i go in to have lunch with Brielle and her class.  At least on days that i am in town.  My wife has also gone in to have lunch on days that i was not around.  I feel that this has contributed the most in this process. She really looks forward to us coming in and bringing lunch in for her. All of her classmates love it too.  They all circle around her and we all talk about their day and visit.  I find it very fun and helps them socially.

At this point we will just keep with these ideas and hope for the best. We are extremely happy that our smart chocolate chip cookie loves school again.  Education is so important for children and to have both kids excited to learn makes us grateful.  A very important thing to keep in mind if  you have multiple kids is to make sure you are including both, in our case our oldest is to old to want some of these things or does them differently but we still keep him included, i feel it will help them bond as siblings as well. we may have to adapt things for the age difference but leaving one behind is not okay, if you do that your going to end up with another disaster. in our case getting our oldest to become involved in his sisters education and daily routine is a huge success.  hope this helps some one out there.

until next time.

The Battle Continues 

The Battle Continues.

This week has been very long and tiring.  We are on the path to greatness. It is just a very long path.  A week doesn’t sound like a long time. But when it is a week of non stop fighting(for lack of better words) with a 5-year-old about going to school.

Last week she missed most of the week because she didn’t want to go to school.  You can read about that in the previous blog. But this week i was not giving in so easy. Monday was the Halloween party and both or our kids made some amazing cupcakes. Brielle still did not want to go into her class but i tricked her.  Told her we had to bring the cupcakes in and i just happen to have her back pack with me.  We both walked in.  Only i walked out.  success.

Because she went to school mostly good i told her i would come in for lunch. And have lunch with her and her classmates.  So at  11 something i showed up. And she was super happy.  While at lunch i got to catch up with her classmates and we all chatted.  It was a blast.such a great group of kids.

While at lunch the school councilor was making rounds and stopped to chat with me about Brielle issue with coming to school.  We agreed to meet after lunch.  Brielle wasnt overly happy to leave me  but the teachers wisked her away.  I sat down with the councilor and we talked about many things that could be the cause of Brielle not wanting to come to school.  I was very happy with our conversation. She even had a list of things to try at home and at school to fix the issue. And we did not plan this meeting at all.  I was very impressed.  At the end of the day i picked the kids up and all seamed well.

The next morning was a disaster “im not going to school”, “i hate school” and on and on.  I was not tolerating this.  I gave her many warnings to get shoes on and walk out to the car.  She picked not to. So i picked her up and took her to the car. And once at school she fought again to get out of the car. So i gave her a little bit. And then her teacher came out and walked her in.  End of the day and teacher said she had a great day and so did Brielle.

This morning was yet another battle of getting off to school. I was able to get her dressed quicker and shoes on this tome but then getting out to the car, I had to pick her up and carry her.  And let me tell you, this child is not very light.  We get to the school and she continued her fit. But this time it was much shorter. Only 1 minute then she got out and walked into the school without incident.  At this point i would say we are making progress.  The battle is getting shorter.  Please come back to read the updates on this battle im assuming a lot of parents go through. Maybe the things we try will help you come up with ideas.

Why does she not like it. 

This needs to come to an end 

Over the past couple of weeks our youngest child has decided she hates school,  i know as kids get older some say they dont like school. But she is 5 and in kindergarten. Not middle school.  They play, color, build friendships, and have fun all day. How could a child not want to go? 

My wife and I have tried to talk with Brielle and figure out what is so terrable about going to school.  And she never has a reason. Except “i just dont want to go”(screaming at the top of her lings)  she has a sever fit about going. 

This is a child that loved preK and could not wait to go at the begining of this year.  I have personaly gone on 3 field trips with her and her class this year. This has given me a chance to get to know her classmates and teacher.  I have a very strong skill of reading people and i can not find anything that would point to it being an issue with bullying or teacher neglect. She is getting plenty of sleep. She is eating fine. When she stays home we make it boring and she gets no screen time. No junk, no playing with toys. 

I am very worried that this is going to become an every day battle. i dont want her to think school has to be a fight. Or a negative experience. We want learning to be enjoyable for her and being around friends is fun. I am hopeing that someone might have some pointers or ideas on how to get our school loving child back in the groove. I am sure someone out there has gone thru this befor and can give some pointers. Anything would be helpful. 

Thank you for reading.

Doesnt Get much better then this

We all spend a good portion of our day hoping and wishing for better things, Easier lives, more money.  Yes all of those would be nice.  And i would never say no to any of it. I must say though. That I have something that can never be topped.  Most of us do.  I have an amazing family. 

At the begining of blogging i talked about how I became me. And those that helped me become who I am today.  This post is about the family I have now. Our own little family. 

My wife,  this woman is such a wonderful person. I must begin by saying how sweet and caring she is to everyone around her. She puts everyone befor her self and would do anything for those close to her, and even a stranger in need.  She truely has a heart of gold and a brain to match. She is extremly smart.  Though she thinks she is just average and nothing special. She can take much harder and complex classes then I could ever think about she then goes on to challenger her education over and over. And furthering her knowledge. And always passes with flieing colors. But even more then all of that. This woman is by far the Best mother I could dream of for our kids.  She puts our kids on a pedistal and holds them high. My wife and I are a perfect team when it comes to parenting.  Of cource no parent is perfect and its a never ending battle. But neither of us give up on the kids, and we have the same views on how we want them raised.  We have a bond that is hard to describe.  Both of us will just know what the other is thinking, or wants. You know  the all time argument of what to eat?  Yeah we dont have that issue.  We just know what the other one wants. Its pretty cool.  I love this amazing woman more then words can descide. And I am so happy that she has dealt with me and kept me around.  I know i can be difficult, I made a really stupid decion a year or more ago and she still loves me like the first day. I am so greatful that the big man upstairs has given me the oppertunity to have her in my wife and make two great kids for me.

Our son, Mr Maddix.  This little boy  stole my heart from the second i met him. Sometime around march or april of 2010 i was working for a security company and i was asked to deliver some printer ink to a supervisor just south of Rutland Vermont. This was just after i recieved a wonderful and very attractive young woman had added me on facebook(my wife now)  who ended up being the supervisor i mentioned above step daughter.  Since we had been talking i let her know i was going to be heading over to their house to drop off the ink. And when i arrived i got to meat this very adorable, kind and happy little  4 year old boy with the cutest smile ever. He won my heart at that moment.  He was driving around a sweet power wheels style car the same color as my car.  It was best friends at first sight to say the least.  As you read I did not personaly help creat our son. But i have been in his life since that day, and will always be there until the end of time.  He has gone through some tough times in life and has had some issues that have confused, saddened, and in a way angered me, but not at him in any way.  He has had some issues through out the past few years that i wish i could deal with so he did not have to. Sometimes i wonder if its something i have done that has made him so sad, angry or emotional. We have not been able to figure out what has caused our happy, smily, bubbily, fareing ball of sunshine to become so sad and angry. I will never give up on him and will always fight to help him through it and any other chalenges in life.  He was our first child and i feel in love with him and his mother at the same time.  They were a package deal and i wanted both pieces.  Maddix is super smart just like his mother, and is super creative. Though at times he can be mean to his sister(we have yet to figure out way her but no other kids around him)  he is also very protective over her and will defend her whenever she needs it,  he does not like others being mean to her. And will help her when he can if she falls or needs something.  I see him as my son and always will. Its tough being a step parent at times, i will cover that at a different time.I just hope some day he will see just how much we care and love him.

Lastly there is Ms Brielle. This little girl is something else. She cane into our lives about 5 years ago  Bless her soul she has a very interesting mix of my wife and I in her.  From her looks to her additude to her heart.  She is so caring for everyone around her. She has no problume voicing her opinion. And makeing very clear how she feels. She came in putting up a fight and has not nor will she ever stop.  She is very stubborn and set in her ways. This can be a good thing. But can also make a day seem very long!  We love her to pieces just like her brother.  I can see alot of him in her. At times i see her going down his path of anger and negotive stuff. Then i snap her out of it and get her back on track.  Every kid is going to give their parents a rough time.  Its how they become themselvs. This little girl has no issue being the first one in the door, she has some very amazing manners.  She will talk your ear off, about stuff that is very mature for her age, she is like a mini adult, i am in her life every day and she still shocks me sometimes in what she has to say.  She will order her own food at dinner. Is not shy at all, but also respects people around her. A huge thing we try to instil in our kids.  Respect, mannors and staying educated. 

As I said at the begining. We all wish we had alot of money,cars and material wealth. But at the end of the day, in the morning, and every moment in between. Since that day in april. I have been blessed with something that can never be bought. Nor can it get better.  Family is what matters the most. We are healthy(for the most part)  and alive. We have our strugles, and obsitcles. But most Importantly we have eachother.  
Thank you for reading.  

Making a weird time of Year Exciting

This past weekend I came up with a very clever idea.  I invited over my sister and her clan(6 kids),  my brother, his wife and their new child (a mini puppy) . and of cource my wife, kids, myself and my mother were all there.  We had everyone over for A fun filled day of Decorating pumpkins , smiles, and treats.  

I started by getting 10 medium pumpkins.  a whole lot of news paper.  a couple packages of paint and brushes.  and some carving utensils, for the other kids that felt like carving.  

for goodies. we started the day with Doughnuts apple cider and apple juice. and of course bags of candy for each kid. and extra for the adults so we could keep up with them!!. 

The kids had a blast decorating together.  they dont get to spend a lot of time together so they really enjoy the time when they get it.  As you will see in the photos they had fun. once they were done, or i should say thought they were done they played together in the yard.  and of course just as i started to clean up the paint mess they decided to come back to paint some more!!   They got to meet and play with the new puppy and just have fun. as us adults talked about whatever we talk about.  basicly my sister talking and the rest of us pretending to listen, but not really listen!!

Around lunch time my wife decided the party needed some pizza so we ordered some up and i went to get it.  it was a hit to say the least.  after lunch the groupe started to disapate as some had to go to work and what not.  

Its interesting that I came up with the idea for this gathering. because I really dont like this time of year.  I find it weird that people celbrate darkness and death and holoween is just gloomy to me. I dont like gloomy.  but i would say what we did. changed that for me.  because now i see it as colorful and lots of smiles and laughter.  Big Win in my book. I forsee a tredition happening.