A little part of how i became who i am part 1.

I was going to attempt to write my own book on my life a few months back. But then someone told me about this blogging stuff so figured why not just share it all here.

I am a very grateful father of two amazing children. One son and one daughter.  Though i did not create our son i still love and treat him exactly the same as our daughter.  I have helped my amazing wife in molding him in to the child he is today.  My wife and i have been married for 5 years now. Going on 6. They have been amazing years.  We have not had the best luck but we have still managed to stay afloat and keep trucking forward.  I made the worst mistake of my life in 2015 that lead to our marriage being turned upside down and rattled. And i can’t explain how sorry i am for doing what i did but i will cover that at a different time.  The important part is that my wife has given me the chance to prove to her that she can trust me again and that i am the man she fell in love with back in 2010. Im beyond grateful for this opportunity, and i thank the powers to be for giving me such amazing people to to share life with. Here we go, this first part is all about the beginnings of me. And what life was like in my beginning years as a young lad.

Approximately 40 weeks before February 12th of 1987 my mother was in the air force stationed at Shepherd AF base one day she decided she was going to  have relations with a man named john. Weather they were dating or not i do not know but they created me. No details needed because well its my mom and i don’t want to think about that.  You see my mother and john were both in the air force and john was a higher ranking officer then my mom. So when my mom became pregnant john decided he did not want to answer to the fact that he was having relations with someone lower then him so this caused my mom to have to leave the air force and return home due to not being offered housing on the base so she could continue her career in the air force.   so sometime around February 10th of 1987 my mom flew back home to the small town of Hinsdale new Hampshire. Where her parents awaited her arrival. Shortly after arriving she was brought to what is now Cheshire medical center in Keene NH.  And then bang here i was in the real world. Out of her stomach. Breathing air and crying as new Born’s do.  Within a few days we were released from the hospital and returned to my grandparents trailer in Hinsdale. Yes a trailer park. Back then it was not looked down on like it is now. It was a very small community and a good portion of my family lived very close by apparently. Of course i was just born so i am just going off the stories i had heard.  Ya see my mom had 4 brothers and 1 sister so there were 6 kids total in her generation all had the same parents. My grandfather and my grandmother both super amazing people. Who i still to this day hold very close to my heart even tho my grandfather is no longer living.  I do know that after returning home from the hospital we did live with my grandparents and at least one of my uncles. And no disrespect to any of the rest of them but this uncle by far played a huge role in my life in many ways. At the time i was born her was only 14 years old. He was the youngest of my grandparents kids.  Maybe this is why we bonded so well?!  There is no true way to know. But we bonded quick.  Of course i was a baby so i do not remember these things i have just been told.  my grandfather spent many of hours working on his own creation of cars. I have heard mixed stories about how he was around the house. Some say he was addiment about woman doing woman duties and men doing the man duties. But i also have heard he was an amazing father and would give the world to his children. My grandmother said they had a tough marriage at times but it came with the times and his job. My grandfather was a roofer for many many years. He helped place the roof on many buildings and homes for Brattleboro roofing. One included the Bellows falls union high school in bellows falls Vermont. I only know this because there is a picture floating around of him up there and I’ve been told they worked on it. Non the less he worked hard to provide for his family and was super excited about me when i was a baby. He adored me and just thought the world of me. I always thought i was the only grand child that ever met him due to me being the oldest but over the years some of my cousins have said they were told they met him too. But i still like to believe i was the only one! Sometime in the year 1988 my grandfather passed away from cancer. I am not sure what kind of cancer and i was far to young to remember the incident. But it still to this day chokes me up thinking about him leaving his family.  He went to a much better place and no longer had the pain but any death is sad. My grandfather is buried in Hinsdale a few miles from were we lived and i go there from time to time to see him and to just feel him there watching over me. He started my family line and i am grateful he did.  There are times in life that i will randomly think about him or something reminds me of a story i was told about him and every time this happens something drastic changes in In my life. Sometimes its a negative change but most of the time it is a very positive change. Now i know so far this is just the normal beginning to someones life but bare with me  because this is going to change gears pretty quick.  After the passing most of the family started breaking off and doing there own thing. And starting their own family’s and what not. Over the years paths will cross and you will read about that later on but for now its about my life with my mom.  So my mom had some more relations and ended up making two more off spring Marc and Becky. They both have the same father. His name is Bob.  Becky was first. Then Marc. So now i was stuck sharing my mom.  I don’t remember them being born nor do i really remember bob much. But i know we moved around a little and apparently traveled by train to Pennsylvania for some reason to do with bob and then my mom and us kids came back to Brattleboro Vermont. Not sure exactly why or when that was but it was my first introduction to a train so sounds cool to put it in here. Back to moving around. I know we lived in spring street  area for a while. This was like a 4 story housing complex thingy with dirt bags that lived around us. But the parts i remember most about my young child hood was ledge wood heights also in Brattleboro. Ledge wood was a low income housing complex. My mom at this point was again a single mother so money was tight. And it was what she could do to keep a roof over our heads. It was fairly close to the grocery store and hospital so it was a decent location.  Ledgewood was like a bunch of small groups of town house looking buildings all two story but only neighbors to your side not on top or below you so it was bearable.  I might not have the time frames exact of when each thing happened but the next part of my story I will tell you about experiences and stuff i actually  remember about.
Thank you for taking time to read this. Stay tuned for part 2. Stay safe my friends.


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