A couple memory’s from the younger years.

We begin with events that i lived through in ledge wood.  I apparently had many friends in Ledgewood from many walks of life. Some Hispanic kids. Some white kids and some others as well but as a kid it was never pointed out that we were different in. Maybe other kids parents had crappy life styles and did stupid things but us kids were all the same really. Just growing up having fun and enjoyed playing together.  One summer morning only a few of us kids were outside and one particular was little Mikey he was closer to my sisters age a few years younger then me but i still knew him. He was always chipper happy and just loved to ride bikes.   This was trash day. the roads were narrow in this area and the trash truck took up most of the travel lane. The trash truck picked up some trash and then went to pull away but  instead he started to back up and we could all hear the beep beep from the reverse alarm. Mikey always liked to ride behind the truck when it pulled away and this day was no different. Mikey was stopped behind the truck waiting for it to pull away so he could follow. And when the truck started backing he was unable to move out of the way and ended up getting hit and fell to the ground. Of course because the truck was so big the driver never knew what had happened and continued to  back up. Eventually running over the top of poor little Mikey. The whole neighborhood was in shock and parents started taking their children inside. Myself and my sister included.  Mikey had a large family with a few siblings. Some much older then me and some my age. But they all came together to support their mother who i remember seeing standing by the truck screaming in sorrow and pain.  This was a sad day for all of us but especially them. My sister always says she saw it happen and was hurt and it has damaged her forever because of it  but i say bull crap. But we will talk about her next.  So throughout our childhood my sister was a devil. She was very mean to a lot of people and especially to my little baby brother.  There was a time that she threw a big, two prong kitchen fork at my brother and stabbed him in the arm. And another time she smashed a ceramic cereal bowl over his head cutting him up pretty bad.  And let me tell you my brother was always a happy smiling genuinely nice child. He was polite and would talk to everyone. So none of what she did was deserved even slightly. She still says it was deserved but i don’t think her brain was screwed on tight to say the least. My sister would spend hours throwing fits at bed time and would never stay in bed she would climb the sink in the bathroom and get into the medicine cabinet and just trash everything she possibly could. She truly was a devil child and it got worse as she got older.  When i look back i realize how much my mom put up with and praise her every day for still fighting for us and for raising us so perfectly. Granted only two of us used those skills and teachings to actually become good people in life.  My mom truly was and still is a saint she will always be my biggest role model and i hope some day i become half the person she is and make her proud every step of the way.  My mom raised us all equally and fairly. She always made sure we had what we needed to survive. Sometimes we had to be on assistance programs and sometimes she had to suffer and go without so us kids would be okay. She would try to make friends along the way but usually my sister would scare them off with her evil ways. From ledge wood we moved around a little and many story’s in between but i don’t want to bore you with those at this time. As they do not really pertain to my message in this book. But over these years many people came into and out of my life and some have also helped mold me into who i am today and my views on life. The next blog i will introduce those folks.  Thank you for reading.  Stay safe!


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