A look back at Those that help mold me into who i am.

As i mentioned before i had an uncle by the name of John. He was the youngest of my mothers siblings just 14 years older then me.  Him and i became very very close throughout my pre teen years impaticular.  Now im sure he was there earlier on and he might have stories from then but these years are what impatacted me the most and contributed to who i am.  The love this man had for me was like that of a best friend an older brother and a father figure. I always felt that he was proof of my grandfather living thru him to be in my life.  He always checked on me  he would take me to do things.  Not pricy things. Not amusements parks. But fishing trips and just for rides.  He would take me to his work and show me off to his friends. I remember sitting in his truck many many times and i can hear the music in the background matalica pearl jam. And others from that time frame. On cassette tape and CDs. Of course he had to play them on a walkman cd player and plug the tape adaptor in as vehicles didn’t have cd payers in them yet.  I would sit there and just watch him and just stare in amazement and love for this best friend of mine. I cant describe the bond we had. I could write a book just on the times  we spent together. He would bring me into stores to get drinks and sandwiches for our day on the banks fishing.  He would make sure i said thank you and held the door for people and respected everyone around me. Of course my mom had taught me this stuff as well but he made sure i was a good kid.  He would spend many hours working in the paper mill, but he would still make plenty of time to impact my day in some way. He also showed me the meaning of family and how to keep family close. He was and still is one of my biggest role models. He stepped up when no other male in my life would. Of course some of my uncles would come around now and again but that was just family visiting nothing like my uncle John.  I loved him then and still to this day i love him. Over the years we have fallen away from each other and he now has his own daughter and a wife and lives a distance away. But we still talk and i try to use his advice the best i can. We now move on to a few other family members that have impacted me greatly. Lets start with my aunt and uncle Shelly and larry.  Well they are actually my moms cousin and her husband but i just call them uncle and aunt its easier. At one point in my child hood we moved to bellows falls Vermont. And we lived next to my uncle and aunt in this building. They called it a duplex. Basically two identical apartments in one building.  This building was actually owned by one of my grandmothers sisters and her husband. Aunt linda and poppy as everyone calls him.  This was a very nice part of town at the time. Very quiet except the occasional train down over the bank. Most of the other familys on the road were respected people of the community and the kids were pleasant. I was still fairly young  still in grade school i believe 5th or 6th grade so i kinda stuck to just hanging out with Bj Christie and Josh. These are my aunt and uncles kids. All around my age give or take a few years.  They welcomed me in with big hugs and they were always very nice to me and included me in everything they could.  We would stay over at each other’s houses and they would even walk me to school. We became best friends and spent alot of time together. I felt like i was in theire family and one of their kids.  And with having a sister like mine. This was a great escape.   I grew very close to my family next door and the time came that they had to move away.  They were moving to Maryland.  I was devastated. I remember watching them drive away in their van and then just sitting on the wall in their now old driveway and just crying for the longest time. I thought i would never see them again.  It was a hurt i had never felt. But time went on. We ended up moving back to Brattleboro and  i got older and life kept me busy. But we still talked and my mom and i even took a trip down to visit them a few years later.  My aunt was a sweetheart. She was always happy and would give you the warmest hug she made me one of hers. And my uncle. Larry. He is definitely someone you did not forget.  I remember hearing small pieces of storyies about his past but i was far to young to understand but it sounded like he might have been a trouble maker or a hard past but as i saw him he had a fantastic family and was the most amazing father i had come to know. He was at this time running the trucking for a wholesale grocer that i ended up working for years later.  Every were he went he made a lasting impression. He was a very loud man and you didn’t mess with him but he was kind and respectful to everyone. Later on in life after i graduated high school i ended up moving to Maryland and lived with Christie for a little while.  I had recently quit my job of 5 years and was young and wanted a change in life. I always loved Maryland when i visited. So i figured i would try it out.  I had planned to learn how to drive truck and take after poppy and uncle larry who had been drivers in the past.  That didn’t work out for one reason or another so i decided to try getting on as security on the military base as i had just spent 5 years in that field.  Unfortunately that process is very long. And money was getting scarse So i returned to Vermont.
I skipped over a few years of life to continue with my relationship with my aunt and uncle. But before moving to Maryland i lived with another aunt and uncle duo.  This was my moms sister jen and her husband Ahmed. These two Have also played a very large role in my life in the respect of giving me the drive to fallow my dreams in life and pushing myself to succeed. Much like my mom who gave me the tools to be me, they helped me realize i had to put work into it if i wanted to become something.  My aunt over the years was in my life on and off and so were her two children bryce and meghan. They have since kinda faded out and i only really talk to bryce on facebook and what not. But my aunt has become more and more involved over the years. My aunt has an extensive background in corporate America and also has hobbies and schooling that have given her a wide matrix of skills and talents. And same with Ahmed. Not to put my aunt on any lower of a pole then Ahmed because they both have theire own stories.  but i became fascinated by Ahmed’s past and his story of his life. If he wrote a book you would agree. I tell everyone about him when i can, i am very proud to know him and for him to be part of my family. This man has been thru a life like no other.  He played pro soccer in the country of lebanon where he was an amazing player. He later came to the united states for schooling and to play soccer here. He attended Franklin peirce university in Rindge NH. Not to far from my home town.   It was here that his career and life story changed from what i gather.   Im sure he received a degree and then he later strated couching soccer in the area and worked for the school. He was a success story like no other. I belive he would be considered an imagrant? And some of my family used that to be hateful tord him. As i come from a family that is very opiniated  and shallow minded. Im not up to par on that stuff but  from what i understand this is what he was. He came over on a visa and now he has become a very highly respected person in his industry. So much that he has now been to multiple collages throughout the country spreading his talents and skills.   i remember he invited me to his  naturalization  ceremony to become a us citizen which was a huge, and an amazing honor  that he asked me to join them. And just watching him up there going thru the motions was amazing. This man deserved to be here in our country more then most Americans do. He showed me in many different ways that there are people out their that have far less then me that can become whatever they want to become. They just have to work hard and be dedicated to themselves.  As you read on you will see it took me a long time to actually use this advice and knowledge for myself. These two together inspired me to not be afraid to push myself and that sitting around being nothing is not an option in life. Again like the rest of my close family they ended up moving away and i was upset. But we keep in touch very often and i always remember what they would tell me and that some day i will have what they have..  they both had and now still have very nice cars and they have plenty of income to be comfterble. Thats all amazing and i wouldn’t say no to it but most importantly they have self worth and a drive and they have worked hard to get what they want and don’t settle for anything less. And that is what i am finally working for in my life. Thank you for reading. Stay safe!!!


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