Cross country amtrak rail pass trip part 2

Alright. Now for some visuals of what i am going to be doing in the next 9 days.  First we have a picture of the map of my route.  Starting in Vermont and going west then south then back to Vermont colors helped me when i was planning it out. But not important now.


Next we have everything written out. Each segment, their times and trains i will be on.  Pardon the hand writing. Its bad i know.


And lastly an example of the rail pass and tickets i received. Minus the mistake one.


Hope this helps.   As of right now i am on the first train.  TRAIN 290 Ethan Allen Express.  Rutland,Vermont. To New York City.  Left at 8:00am and will be to NY around 2:00pm.
Stay tuned for my thoughts on this first train later this afternoon.  Did i mention it is super hard being away from my family already


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