Cross country segment 1 vermont to NYC.

So segment 1 did not go quiet as planned but it all worked out okay.  I started in Rutland Vermont. Not to far from where i live. I was suppose to go into new York city, but we had a 2 hour delay in mid state new York due to a truck hitting a telephone pole and knocking the power lines over the top of the tracks.

While we waited for the tracks to be cleared. The conductors kept us informed and also gave out snacks and water.  A very nice gesture i thought. They both also helped those that were going to be late make arrangements with customer service for refunds or other routes. Due to this delay and talking to the conductor we realized i was not going to make it to new York city in time to get onto my Chicago bound train.  Train 49.  So we came up with a plan for me to get off in Albany NY. And wait for my train to come there(it was a stop for that train anyways)  so i hopped off and waited in Albany.  The ticket lady called customer service and got me all squared away.  I enjoyed a nice BLT sandwich at the cafe in the station and also talked for a few moments with a local Albany police Officer and thanked him for keeping everyone safe.  So all in all it worked out okay.  Trains are always late and you mist have a back up plan. Again the Amtrak agents were awesome and very helpful . I should start remembering names.


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