Cross country segment 4 Emeryville, CA to Los Angeles, CA

This section of the trip had to be changed around a lot and was not my favorite. I was originally suppose to take the coast starlight train or this route but this train did not arrive in Los Angeles 1 hour before i had to get on the next train. I noticed they had a bunch of what they called thru way routs. Which is just a couch bus that runs between big town sections in California that don’t have trains. All run by Amtrak. So i talked to a very nice lady at the counter and she got me on the bus overnight and then from there i took the surfliner train the rest of the way to Los Angeles.  This bus portion was miserable. they stopped every 10 minutes and then they weaved in and out of town streets. It was definitely like a grey hound trip. But then i got to the surfliner train and it got a lot better. This train goes right down the coast line literally across the beach areas.  The view was stunning. These were short spurts so i did not get to know anyone on this part. Then i arrived in Los Angeles. Read on for the California back to Chicago segment. Lots to talk about on that one.


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