Cross country segment 5 Los Angeles, CA to Chicago, IL via Texas.

This was a very long segment so i am going to split it into two parts. I want to start with sharing my experience with the Los Angeles union station.  This station as some of you might know has been featured in many movies commercials and TV shows. You can look them up to find out which ones.

This place is spectacular. It is very historic. And so well taken care of.  They have a huge show of security here with a security company and also the local sheriff’s department. If you follow my Facebook posts you will see that i shared a story about how brave these folks are with their jobs.  This station has very comfortable seating. In a very large open area. It also has other sections that are being re done.

They have three courtyards. One has a large amount of seating and a water fountain. Very beautiful and a second one has what looks like film staging some plants like cacti and flowers from this area, and then the 3rd was tables and a big rounded water fountain and a crescent shaped one that has coy fish in it.

Once i saw the area and walked around outside for a bit i went to the pretzel stand inside and ate some pretzel bites and pizza pretzel bites.  These were some fantastic treats.  As the day went on many folks played on the piano that was for public use. And others sang along to the songs.  It was very neat.

Once it got dark out. This is when the excitement started.  This place lit up like crazy.  Literally. The staging i mentioned above was actually huge lights and stuff for this amazing light show.  You have to watch the videos to see what i am talking about.  It was stunning. Definitely something to see in Los Angeles. (see videos at the end of blog)

I then boarded the Texas Eagle and south east bound we went.  This section was not overly exciting.  It was mainly desert and horses and cows.  With the occasional deer. It was a nice peaceful ride. Plenty of time to get to know a few families who i will share with you in the next section. And get some sleep.  Luckily my riding partner for this trip spent most of the night in the observation car so i could have plenty of room.  Very nice guy. At one point we did go thru El Paso Texas. And were feet away from the United States and Mexico boarder. This was neat to see.  At the El Paso stop i was told that there was a burrito lady that was well know for her burritos. So i had to try 1 or 3. Of course i couldn’t understand her very well but i heard her say beef and cheese so i said gimme 3.  After talking to one of the car attendants i found out they were actually beef, potato, and green chili.  And let me tell you what. They were amazing. I have never had Mexican food like this before. Had a bit of kick to it but it was so wonderful. image

imageIn the middle of the night  in San Antonio Texas. our train actually split in half and one part went onto new Orleans. And mine, we headed north. I will leave it at this for now and share the rest later on.



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