“Never lets us down” Flamingo Diner

Flamingo Diner, Brattleboro Vermont

7/10 rating in my opinion

We have been here many many times. We live in the area and its the best place that serves breakfast the whole time they are open. The property they sit on has had a few places come and go. I assume its due to Brattleboro’s crazy high Commercial rents. But i hope these folks can stick around. The food is great. Always hot when it comes out. And we have yet to have any issues. Food wise. A few times we have had staff issues but one of what appears to be an owner, is always near by and works every shift. She is always checking on us. The only bummer is that they have not expanded to dinner. And more lunch options. And even a specific kids menu though they always accommodate our kids choices. They close at 4pm unfortunately. But maybe they will expand hours in there near future. Some might thing The decor is a bit odd and i agree. But its different then the normal chain restaurant. And it shows the theme the owners wanted. So kudos to them. Always a great meal and conversation with the staff!!!!. Cant wait for the next trip in.

North on rt 5 off exit 1 of interstate 91. Brattleboro, Vermont

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