“Not a great location for TRH” Texas Road House Queensbury, NY

Texas Road House Queensbury, NY

5/10 rating in my opinion

My family and I have been to many texas road houses through out the country. And always had a good experience. But this time it was not all that great. We were seated pretty quick. And 1 waiter came to get our drink order within seconds. Which was ok because we all knew what we wanted. But we felt rushed non the less. He cut us off half way through giving our drink order and just walked away. We were confused. About 2 minutes later a waitress came to our table and asked for our food order. We told her our drink order too. And she seemed annoyed. When we got our appetizer the onion blossum was all bunched together and not up to the standards we come to expect from texas road house brand. Our meal was ok. But every time we had a dirty dish the waitress would just leave it on the table. I’ve been to many restaurants and never seen this before. Poor training i assume. Will not deter us from returning but seems like they have an issue.

across the intersection from the aviation mall, Queensbury NY

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