Making a weird time of Year Exciting

This past weekend I came up with a very clever idea.  I invited over my sister and her clan(6 kids),  my brother, his wife and their new child (a mini puppy) . and of cource my wife, kids, myself and my mother were all there.  We had everyone over for A fun filled day of Decorating pumpkins , smiles, and treats.  

I started by getting 10 medium pumpkins.  a whole lot of news paper.  a couple packages of paint and brushes.  and some carving utensils, for the other kids that felt like carving.  

for goodies. we started the day with Doughnuts apple cider and apple juice. and of course bags of candy for each kid. and extra for the adults so we could keep up with them!!. 

The kids had a blast decorating together.  they dont get to spend a lot of time together so they really enjoy the time when they get it.  As you will see in the photos they had fun. once they were done, or i should say thought they were done they played together in the yard.  and of course just as i started to clean up the paint mess they decided to come back to paint some more!!   They got to meet and play with the new puppy and just have fun. as us adults talked about whatever we talk about.  basicly my sister talking and the rest of us pretending to listen, but not really listen!!

Around lunch time my wife decided the party needed some pizza so we ordered some up and i went to get it.  it was a hit to say the least.  after lunch the groupe started to disapate as some had to go to work and what not.  

Its interesting that I came up with the idea for this gathering. because I really dont like this time of year.  I find it weird that people celbrate darkness and death and holoween is just gloomy to me. I dont like gloomy.  but i would say what we did. changed that for me.  because now i see it as colorful and lots of smiles and laughter.  Big Win in my book. I forsee a tredition happening.  


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