Doesnt Get much better then this

We all spend a good portion of our day hoping and wishing for better things, Easier lives, more money.  Yes all of those would be nice.  And i would never say no to any of it. I must say though. That I have something that can never be topped.  Most of us do.  I have an amazing family. 

At the begining of blogging i talked about how I became me. And those that helped me become who I am today.  This post is about the family I have now. Our own little family. 

My wife,  this woman is such a wonderful person. I must begin by saying how sweet and caring she is to everyone around her. She puts everyone befor her self and would do anything for those close to her, and even a stranger in need.  She truely has a heart of gold and a brain to match. She is extremly smart.  Though she thinks she is just average and nothing special. She can take much harder and complex classes then I could ever think about she then goes on to challenger her education over and over. And furthering her knowledge. And always passes with flieing colors. But even more then all of that. This woman is by far the Best mother I could dream of for our kids.  She puts our kids on a pedistal and holds them high. My wife and I are a perfect team when it comes to parenting.  Of cource no parent is perfect and its a never ending battle. But neither of us give up on the kids, and we have the same views on how we want them raised.  We have a bond that is hard to describe.  Both of us will just know what the other is thinking, or wants. You know  the all time argument of what to eat?  Yeah we dont have that issue.  We just know what the other one wants. Its pretty cool.  I love this amazing woman more then words can descide. And I am so happy that she has dealt with me and kept me around.  I know i can be difficult, I made a really stupid decion a year or more ago and she still loves me like the first day. I am so greatful that the big man upstairs has given me the oppertunity to have her in my wife and make two great kids for me.

Our son, Mr Maddix.  This little boy  stole my heart from the second i met him. Sometime around march or april of 2010 i was working for a security company and i was asked to deliver some printer ink to a supervisor just south of Rutland Vermont. This was just after i recieved a wonderful and very attractive young woman had added me on facebook(my wife now)  who ended up being the supervisor i mentioned above step daughter.  Since we had been talking i let her know i was going to be heading over to their house to drop off the ink. And when i arrived i got to meat this very adorable, kind and happy little  4 year old boy with the cutest smile ever. He won my heart at that moment.  He was driving around a sweet power wheels style car the same color as my car.  It was best friends at first sight to say the least.  As you read I did not personaly help creat our son. But i have been in his life since that day, and will always be there until the end of time.  He has gone through some tough times in life and has had some issues that have confused, saddened, and in a way angered me, but not at him in any way.  He has had some issues through out the past few years that i wish i could deal with so he did not have to. Sometimes i wonder if its something i have done that has made him so sad, angry or emotional. We have not been able to figure out what has caused our happy, smily, bubbily, fareing ball of sunshine to become so sad and angry. I will never give up on him and will always fight to help him through it and any other chalenges in life.  He was our first child and i feel in love with him and his mother at the same time.  They were a package deal and i wanted both pieces.  Maddix is super smart just like his mother, and is super creative. Though at times he can be mean to his sister(we have yet to figure out way her but no other kids around him)  he is also very protective over her and will defend her whenever she needs it,  he does not like others being mean to her. And will help her when he can if she falls or needs something.  I see him as my son and always will. Its tough being a step parent at times, i will cover that at a different time.I just hope some day he will see just how much we care and love him.

Lastly there is Ms Brielle. This little girl is something else. She cane into our lives about 5 years ago  Bless her soul she has a very interesting mix of my wife and I in her.  From her looks to her additude to her heart.  She is so caring for everyone around her. She has no problume voicing her opinion. And makeing very clear how she feels. She came in putting up a fight and has not nor will she ever stop.  She is very stubborn and set in her ways. This can be a good thing. But can also make a day seem very long!  We love her to pieces just like her brother.  I can see alot of him in her. At times i see her going down his path of anger and negotive stuff. Then i snap her out of it and get her back on track.  Every kid is going to give their parents a rough time.  Its how they become themselvs. This little girl has no issue being the first one in the door, she has some very amazing manners.  She will talk your ear off, about stuff that is very mature for her age, she is like a mini adult, i am in her life every day and she still shocks me sometimes in what she has to say.  She will order her own food at dinner. Is not shy at all, but also respects people around her. A huge thing we try to instil in our kids.  Respect, mannors and staying educated. 

As I said at the begining. We all wish we had alot of money,cars and material wealth. But at the end of the day, in the morning, and every moment in between. Since that day in april. I have been blessed with something that can never be bought. Nor can it get better.  Family is what matters the most. We are healthy(for the most part)  and alive. We have our strugles, and obsitcles. But most Importantly we have eachother.  
Thank you for reading.  


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