Why does she not like it. 

This needs to come to an end 

Over the past couple of weeks our youngest child has decided she hates school,  i know as kids get older some say they dont like school. But she is 5 and in kindergarten. Not middle school.  They play, color, build friendships, and have fun all day. How could a child not want to go? 

My wife and I have tried to talk with Brielle and figure out what is so terrable about going to school.  And she never has a reason. Except “i just dont want to go”(screaming at the top of her lings)  she has a sever fit about going. 

This is a child that loved preK and could not wait to go at the begining of this year.  I have personaly gone on 3 field trips with her and her class this year. This has given me a chance to get to know her classmates and teacher.  I have a very strong skill of reading people and i can not find anything that would point to it being an issue with bullying or teacher neglect. She is getting plenty of sleep. She is eating fine. When she stays home we make it boring and she gets no screen time. No junk, no playing with toys. 

I am very worried that this is going to become an every day battle. i dont want her to think school has to be a fight. Or a negative experience. We want learning to be enjoyable for her and being around friends is fun. I am hopeing that someone might have some pointers or ideas on how to get our school loving child back in the groove. I am sure someone out there has gone thru this befor and can give some pointers. Anything would be helpful. 

Thank you for reading.


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