Battle Complete? I think so

Great news our recent battle with our youngest going to school has become obsolete. If you read the previous blog you can see that we have had a battle of stubbornness to fight and also a great list of ideas to try. We got the list from the school councilor who came up with great things to try.  I can not pin point which idea worked.  It feels like it was a  combination of all ideas. All I can say is we are stoked.  We finally have our school loving peanut back.  She is again excited to get up and get to school.

Now you might be thinking to themselves, “this fix happened fast”  and I agree.  We did not expect such a fast fix. But it did and we are very happy with it. Only took about a week of keeping on her and trying our ideas. This will be something we must keep going with and communicating with the school about.

The process we are trying right now consists of a few different parts.  First is the sticker process.  When Brielle walks into school with no issues and no crying. She receives 1 sticker. If she is still doing good at lunch she gets a 2nd sticker. At the end of the day if she has had a good final part of the afternoon then she gets a 3rd. They give her a special job during the day, and for completing that task she receives her 4th and final sticker.  Of course the first thing she does after school is pull out her sticker card to show us how many she has gotten. She is so proud of her hard work.  4 every day since we started.  Amazing in my eyes.

The second thing we have been doing is writing notes for lunch time.  I have read articles about parents doing this. But we had not thought to do it ourselves until now.  We both write a little note to put in her lunch bag each day. These are for her to have read to her at lunch. These notes let her know that we are OK and thinking of her while she is at school.  We both usually draw a silly picture that makes her laugh as well.  Gives her a boost half way through the day.

The third idea we are trying is not as important as the others but will most likely be fazed out shortly. But non the less it has contributed to the final outcome. We actually do this for both kids.  After the kids have a good week we give them a small surprise at the end of the week. To reward them for doing amazing.

The free day idea is the fourth thing we are trying.  Basically they get to pick 1 day a month that they get to use as a “free day”. She circled the day she wants to have as a free day. after every day of school she crosses off that days number. If she has them all crossed off up to the “free day” then she gets to use that free day to stay home. her other options is she can go to school on her free day and get to pick something special instead.  So she gets rewarded for choosing to go to school on the free day instead of staying home.  She does look forward to crossing off her calendar, she has said just about each day that she is going go to school on her free day.  This is great to hear.

The final thing that we do for her is lunch time visits.  As long as she goes to school with no issues then i go in to have lunch with Brielle and her class.  At least on days that i am in town.  My wife has also gone in to have lunch on days that i was not around.  I feel that this has contributed the most in this process. She really looks forward to us coming in and bringing lunch in for her. All of her classmates love it too.  They all circle around her and we all talk about their day and visit.  I find it very fun and helps them socially.

At this point we will just keep with these ideas and hope for the best. We are extremely happy that our smart chocolate chip cookie loves school again.  Education is so important for children and to have both kids excited to learn makes us grateful.  A very important thing to keep in mind if  you have multiple kids is to make sure you are including both, in our case our oldest is to old to want some of these things or does them differently but we still keep him included, i feel it will help them bond as siblings as well. we may have to adapt things for the age difference but leaving one behind is not okay, if you do that your going to end up with another disaster. in our case getting our oldest to become involved in his sisters education and daily routine is a huge success.  hope this helps some one out there.

until next time.


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