Can we help. 

I read an article from one of our local news station, on their facebook page. The article was about a very young girl that took it upon herself to do something over and beyond anything any child should do or even think about.  This amazing young adult decided to make it her goal to help kids in her school with something that most people do not think about.  You see, this girl wanted to fight the hunger issue in her school. She wanted every one of her peers to have a holiday dinner.  There are many other details to the story. But no need to go into them for this blog.

After reading the article it made me think. I have spent many days in our childrens school and have met many amazing kids. All of wich are inoccent children. And never once did i wonder if they went hungry after they left school.  But now i do wonder just that.  Its very sad to think that any child would have to feel a pain like that. to wonder when they would eat next.  It tugs at the heart strings. We always hear about kids in other countrys that are starving. Dont get me wrong that is just as heart breaking but this is kids we see every day. 

As a kid we never had alot. But we always had food. I know what its like to go through strugle. This shows a struggle i could never imagine.  Some might blame the parents for being dirtbags, this could very well be the case some times. Pne must realize there are many other possobilitys as well. And no matter what, it is not the childs fault. They are innocent children.

I could go on and on, but after reading this and doing a lot of thinking I starting thinking of ways that myself and my family could help.  There are many food programs out there but they are usualy for a large community. And distributed among alot of different people. I wanted to do something that is more centralized. Something to help the kids close to my children.  Their friends, and our close naighbors.

I think getting children involved in giving to less fortunate is super important. My wife and I make sure our kids help as much as they can and give when they can. I believe that involving the entire school in helping the kids right by their sides, is going to have a huge impact, the connection of helping someone close to them. Someone they know. 

At this point I do not have a starting point or details planned out. But I am hopeing to maybe get some advice form you folks.  I want to set up a full holiday meal. For each and every child in the school  that would other wise not get one. And their familys. I will need to speak with administration at the school to see how to set something like this up. And how many children they know are going to bennifit from this.  Being so close to thanksgiving.  I am shooting for christmas at this point. I want these kids to eat a big meal with all the fixings. Feel free to chime in with any feed back. And share this.  Help me take the pain out of these kids for 1 day.  


3 thoughts on “Can we help. 

  1. Hi Mr Familyman, thank you for discovering my blog a few weeks ago, and apologies it has taken me a while to visit yours! This is very thought-provoking; I must admit I have never given serious thought to whether someone I know goes home hungry (although I do volunteer at a homeless shelter and there I would be confronted by deprivation of all sorts). What I mean is, one hardly considers whether their friends would be in need of something from time to time; we become inured to the trajectory of our lives and are sometimes blind to our surroundings. In short, we take things for granted… Your idea of a holiday meal for the kids sounds amazing, I wish you the best of luck with this venture. Hope to hear from you and look forward to sharing the WP journey. 🙂


    • Thank you very much for taking the time to read and comment on this. I agree that we do take life for granted and become blind to things so close to us. The venture is making progress. I have all the foods. I just need to get with the administation at the school to get it set up. And find a way to get the foods to the familys and students in need. Thank you for the support. Its good to know that others like the idea. I have gotten no feed back at all from peers or family on this idea. It was discouraging. Until you just lifted the spirit of it. Thank you very much

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      • First of all, please do not be discouraged by ignorance or laziness from others. Let us be guided by our own conscience rather than external validation. Imagine how many kids might potentially miss out on your kindness otherwise!? It sounds like you are well-progressed with your plan and that’s excellent. Hope you get all the support you need from the school and community! 👍👍


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