The Battle Continues 

The Battle Continues.

This week has been very long and tiring.  We are on the path to greatness. It is just a very long path.  A week doesn’t sound like a long time. But when it is a week of non stop fighting(for lack of better words) with a 5-year-old about going to school.

Last week she missed most of the week because she didn’t want to go to school.  You can read about that in the previous blog. But this week i was not giving in so easy. Monday was the Halloween party and both or our kids made some amazing cupcakes. Brielle still did not want to go into her class but i tricked her.  Told her we had to bring the cupcakes in and i just happen to have her back pack with me.  We both walked in.  Only i walked out.  success.

Because she went to school mostly good i told her i would come in for lunch. And have lunch with her and her classmates.  So at  11 something i showed up. And she was super happy.  While at lunch i got to catch up with her classmates and we all chatted.  It was a blast.such a great group of kids.

While at lunch the school councilor was making rounds and stopped to chat with me about Brielle issue with coming to school.  We agreed to meet after lunch.  Brielle wasnt overly happy to leave me  but the teachers wisked her away.  I sat down with the councilor and we talked about many things that could be the cause of Brielle not wanting to come to school.  I was very happy with our conversation. She even had a list of things to try at home and at school to fix the issue. And we did not plan this meeting at all.  I was very impressed.  At the end of the day i picked the kids up and all seamed well.

The next morning was a disaster “im not going to school”, “i hate school” and on and on.  I was not tolerating this.  I gave her many warnings to get shoes on and walk out to the car.  She picked not to. So i picked her up and took her to the car. And once at school she fought again to get out of the car. So i gave her a little bit. And then her teacher came out and walked her in.  End of the day and teacher said she had a great day and so did Brielle.

This morning was yet another battle of getting off to school. I was able to get her dressed quicker and shoes on this tome but then getting out to the car, I had to pick her up and carry her.  And let me tell you, this child is not very light.  We get to the school and she continued her fit. But this time it was much shorter. Only 1 minute then she got out and walked into the school without incident.  At this point i would say we are making progress.  The battle is getting shorter.  Please come back to read the updates on this battle im assuming a lot of parents go through. Maybe the things we try will help you come up with ideas.