Doing my part for education.

Some of you may already know what I do for work. But most of you do not.  the industry term for what I do is Book composition. for those of you that have no clue what that is i shall explain it in a simple manor. but first i need to give you some history of how i got into this field.

Years ago when i was just a wee one. my mom got into the industry working for a couple company’s through out her early years, some got bought out, others just outsourced to other country’s. At this point she now has around 20 years in the industry.  pretty impressive if you ask me.  especially if you look back at the evolvment  of technology and computers along with the programs used in the industry.  Over the years i remember spending many hours at moms work watching the works. but i never really got into it to the point of wanting to learn the work.

Recently in the past 3 years i have been able to sit down and learn from her.  and now i am pretty much on my own.  she owns a company and I basically work for her as a sub contractor. I am very content with this career and plan to stick with it for a long time to come. 

Now back to explaining what we do
The easiest way to explain it. is  a writer will send a word document of the material they would like in their boom or publication.  and a basic design outline.  Some of the clients we have will have a designer go Through and make an exact design of what they would like the outcome to be.  we then take their word document and design. and put it into Adobe Indesign.  then work our magic to make it look like what they dream of. Of course the process has many many more details and terms that would be boring to you folks so i won’t go into them. Between the two of us we have completed just about every type of book you can think of.  and some you may not of thought about.

You know those text books you got in high school that killed your back to carry in your back pack.  we have done many of those. from every different educational subject.  Ever heard of GooseBumps? back when i was a kid i remember those and the Box Car series.  well my mom worked on many of those back in the day. Cook books, self help books, dictionaries. fiction novels, life stories, and auto Biographys. you get the point.  we have done them all. 

One industry that we have been doing A lot of work for over the past few years is something most people probably don’t even know exists.  We do work for a company that is very large now. that creates educational materials for private schools in 3rd world country’s or countries that have very poor education systems.  you can do research on that to get the details if you want them. but to make it simplified . This country has come up with a process that basically gives the teachers a script to teach from on a tablet system and also makes the paper versions for the students to have in hand.  they also create all of the standardised testing materials as well.  the schools they run are not government run. they are private schools but they appear to be much more advanced then the regular schools.  of you read the articles about them you can see how they are much better and how they help these children get a great education.  The company is Bridge International. they are doing great things. 

Because of what they are doing over in these country’s. it is very gratifying to me when i am working on their material. and makes me feel great knowing that I am doing my part to Help children in very poor countries have the opportunity to  learn much more then they would otherwise. Also to know that they are receiving quality material to learn from.  Not to mention I am also being educated because each countries products are done separately and have material that is specific to their way of life.  its very interesting to me. 

We are currently looking at was of expanding our reach into the industry to show that we can swim with the big fish. charge much less. but get the work done in much less time. but still put out the best quality they have seen. our biggest goal is to bring this work back to the United States. as a lot of it is outsources to other countries. 
There you have it. figured i would share with you folks what i do for a career and shed some light on a process a lot of folks don’t know about.  Thanks for reading. 


“Always Consistent” 99 Restaurant, Brattleboro Vermont

99 Restaurant, Brattleboro Vermont

9/10 rating in my opinion.

 We live in the area. And go here often. To the point that some staff know what we want for drinks!! The hostess is always friendly speedy and welcoming. Even when its busy. Only had one issue with food one time. Steak tips were a bit under cooked. But they took it back cooked them perfect. And all was well. No hassle no eye rolling. And manager is always walking around checking in on tables.  wide variety of foods, and seasonal items that are always a hit. No complaints from us.
located rt 5 north off exit 3 of Interstate 91. 3/4 was around roundabout. on the left

“Absolutely Amazing” Crowne Plaza Hotel, Orlando FL

Crown Plaza Hotel, Orlando FL

10/10 rating in my opinion

The crowne plaza in Orlando was an absolute fantastic facility! Our family had a wonderful stay at this hotel. It was our first vacation as a young family. And we had a great time in Orlando and an amazing time at the hotel it felt like we were at a resort. The staff are very genuine and so helpful. They made us feel like we were royalty. We are already planning our next trip and wouldn’t stay anywhere else.  at the time we stayed here they offered a deal with Sea World park, but now they no longer do. but they still have shuttles and buses that go to all of the area parks. and also airports.

Located in Orlando Florida.

“Perfect all around” Mamma Mia Italian Restaurant and Pizzeria, Homestead FL

Mamma Mia Italian Restaurant and Pizzeria, Homestead FL

10/10 rating in my opinion

 This place has amazing food and was so good! Garlic rolls deff had a lot of garlic but they were still yummy. Nice laid back atmosphere. Service was fantastic friendly people. Food was all from scratch and you could taste the pride in the food!!! Located in a cute little downtown area with a lot of heart and sole that is for sure! Go if you get a chance. You will be happy you did.

located in Homestead Florida

“Never a bad time Here” Texas Roadhouse, Nashua NH

Texas Roadhouse, Nashua NH

9/10 rating in my opinion.

I have been to quite a few Texas road house restaurants and not once have i had a bad experience. The food is always great. Its always consistent no matter which one you go to. There are times that there might be a wait to be seated but its usualy not very long. And well worth it. They have a great selection for all ages of kids as well. And a lot to look at for the kids. Jeeps them distracted. Highly recommended

Off rt 101A in nashua NH, on the right if heading east.

“Nice place for this town” Whetstone Station Restaurant and Brewery

Whetstone Station Restaurant and Brewery

 8/10 rating in my opinion.
 This place had some really good food. It is also a craft beer place. But that is basically kept separate from the dining area so it is still family friendly. At the time we went the kids menu was not amazing but it had some choices. The atmosphere was neat. And it fits in very well with the amtrak station that is right across the road. We did not sit outside but they do have seating outside with some neat fire towers that make it look very cool at night. Staff was good friendly and you could tell they liked working there by their attitudes.
North on rt 5 off exit 1 of Interstate 91. take a right onto rt 119 like your going to enter into New Hampshire. parking areas on both sides of the road.

“Not a great location for TRH” Texas Road House Queensbury, NY

Texas Road House Queensbury, NY

5/10 rating in my opinion

My family and I have been to many texas road houses through out the country. And always had a good experience. But this time it was not all that great. We were seated pretty quick. And 1 waiter came to get our drink order within seconds. Which was ok because we all knew what we wanted. But we felt rushed non the less. He cut us off half way through giving our drink order and just walked away. We were confused. About 2 minutes later a waitress came to our table and asked for our food order. We told her our drink order too. And she seemed annoyed. When we got our appetizer the onion blossum was all bunched together and not up to the standards we come to expect from texas road house brand. Our meal was ok. But every time we had a dirty dish the waitress would just leave it on the table. I’ve been to many restaurants and never seen this before. Poor training i assume. Will not deter us from returning but seems like they have an issue.

across the intersection from the aviation mall, Queensbury NY